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Информация | 08.10.2009, 18:02
Charter clan NOWF "No One Win's Forever"
All wishing to join and has already entered the people should know and do not forget these principles, because those who will not follow them, leaving the clan.
The following will be presented information about the clan, its structure, as well as rights, duties, permitted and prohibited the players, the conditions of entry and exclusion from the clan.

Our clan - is a friendly team, built on the principles of equality, mutual respect and understanding between the players.
We live in different countries, different cities, each has its own personal life, their life values and priorities, but unites us StarCraft: Broodwar!!

The founder of the clan and its only leader at the moment is NOWF[emaNtSeW]
Clan leader solves the critical issues related to the life and work of the clan, such as admission and expulsion of players, the appointment of responsible persons and their release from office, etc.
Accountable for HF, championships, tournaments, leagues, help in dealing with organizational issues. Their responsibilities include:
- The appointment and conduct klanvarov, providing information on the clan-enemy, the time of the HF, the game server and channel HF, pairings, calculation and provision of results klanvara, the provision of general characteristics (impressions) of the HF;
- Conducting championships and leagues on the instructions of the leader or on its own initiative;
- Performance of individual assignments leader, for example, responsibility for replays (demos), providing links to a Join and so on;
- Registration of information obtained in the course of their duties, in the form of news on the home page.
Play test games to those who wish to join, and then based on the results of test games and thought tester with any administrator or the leader makes a decision on the admission of the player's clan.

The rights and duties of members of the clan.
- Express their opinion on the decisions taken by the leadership of the clan;
- Make proposals to improve and change the life of the clan;
- In case of dissatisfaction with the organization, the functioning of the clan, as well as in the case of a dispute within the clan refer to the clan leadership (leaders, administrators);
- To participate in klanvarah and other activities of the clan;
- To voluntarily leave the clan.
- Comply with the present Charter;
- To observe the principle of equality of the players and the basic principles of the clan;
- Wear a clan tag on klanvarah, leagues, championships and other events;
- Visit the site of the clan, to be active in the network, the forum and participate in all activities of the clan;
- To maintain its reputation and the reputation of the clan as a whole;
- To provide all possible assistance clanmates when necessary (including training);
- Maintain diplomatic relations with other clans;
- Comply with the leadership of the clan, if these requirements do not infringe the rights of a player;
- In case of absence (temporary inactivity) to notify the leadership of the clan in the forum, stating the cause and approximate time of his absence;
- To be cultured and educated, have good manners;
- In the event of his departure from the clan to notify the management.
- Use chiternye program, and formally banned bugs game;
- Implement actions leading to the deterioration of the reputation of this project, to carry out counter-advertising the project.
- Consist of other clans at the same time with this, in case of detection of violation of this ban a player or official leaves the clan (s) (remains in NOWF), or excluded from the clan NOWF.

. Joining the clan and the exclusion from it.
To join the clan you must create a separate topic in a forum clan NOWF and get acquainted with the present Charter of the clan.
A player may be expelled from the clan for not complying with one or more items of the Charter, as well as on their own.

If necessary, in this Constitution will be amended and finalized.

Sincerely leadership clan NOWF
Charter was NOWF[emaNtSeW]
Добавил: VLG | Контактное лицо: NOWF[emaNtSeW]
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